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Welcome to the DLW Database. The DLW genealogy database contains over 520,000 names (last updated July., 2019) of individuals, mostly descended from 18th century Mennonites, River Brethren (Brethren in Christ) and German Baptist Brethren who settled in Lancaster, Lebanon and Franklin Counties, Pennsylvania, in Ontario, Canada and in Washington Co. Maryland and Botetourt Co. Virginia. In the 1800s many families moved to Ohio, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois and Kansas. In the early 1900s there was continued migration westward.

The database was originally developed in conjunction with the compilation of the descendants and related families of Hans and Hannah Wenger. Three of their sons and Hannah immigrated to Pennsylvania in 1748 and 1749. Their descendants spread across the country and the world and now number over 130,000. After publication of the “Descendants of Hans and Hannah Wenger”, Daniel L. Wenger 2000, work continued, focusing on the descendants of Christian Wenger, immigrant of 1727. The database now contains over 190,000 descendants of Christian Wenger and over 133,000 descendants of Hans and Hannah Wenger. Many other families are also included in the database, including other Wenger lines. There are over 196,000 names of individuals who are not descended from the Hans and Hannah Wenger family or the Christian Wenger family. These names were collected in order to assist in identifying possible other ancestors of Wenger descendants and possible other Wenger descendants.



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This database was compiled using many different sources and the contributions of many people. The project would not have been undertaken if it had not been for the efforts of researchers of the C line of Wengers and the G line of Wengers. Two G line Wenger researchers who spent so many years collecting the information that formed the initial basis for this document are Norman Wenger Nauman, G1132261 and Roger Daniel Winger, G1832655. They are to be remembered as the initial genealogists of the Hans and Hannah Wenger family. Two C line Wenger books provided the bulk of the information that formed the basis of the C. “History of the Descendants of Christian Wenger”, Jonas G. Wenger, Martin D. Wenger, Joseph H. Wenger, 1903 and “The Wenger Book”, Samuel S. Wenger, Earle K. Wenger, Helen I. Wenger, 1978. The former book may be found at http://books.google.com.


Special acknowledgement needs to be given to others.


Susan Mae Wenger, 1951.6.3, G111213121, secretary of the Wenger Family Association, worked with Norman Wenger Nauman to bring his records together into a coherent form. Susan supplied to DLW (the compiler) her volumes of notes for inclusion in this document. Most of the information labeled NWN was consolidated by Susan and entered into her notebooks. Susan also made significant contributions to the format of the book. Her suggestions have resulted in a vastly improved presentation.


Mary Ann McClarnon Fokken, G181255543, a very active Wenger researcher, has worked closely with DLW in tracking down numerous families. This work has involved many, many census and library searches. Mary Ann's assistance has been extremely important.


Richard Lee Winger, G14546221 did extensive research on the descendants of Abraham Wingert, G145. In the process he organized much of the information on the other descendants, particularly in Franklin County, PA and made that research available to DLW. Richard also made his genealogy library available to DLW.

Deloris June Hammermeister Burdick, G18125F94 contributed her large history of the descendants of Jacob Wingard, 1819.3.18 1900.8.24, G18125 and Susannah Zook, 1825.11.17 1883.12.31


Orpha Joan Heitman Oppertshauser, G322D338 contributed her extensive research on current Sider, Climenhaga and Canadian Winger families.


Special acknowledgement deserves to be given to three others for supplying many corrections, updates and cemetery locations. They are


The following researchers have contributed greatly to this project, in particular, by supplying many obituaries.


Ira Burkholder Sollenberger, 1932.3.25, G14737217 Contributions labeled as IBS

Scott Buschlen http://www.buschlen.ca/index.php Contributions labeled as Scott Buschlen

Robert W. Fish, 1947.9.19, HH11243B222 Contributions labeled as rfish and rwfish.


Robert Alan Wenger, 1943.2.2, C3824C53 undertook the task of entering into the computer the contents of The Wenger Book (TWB). His efforts were helpful in obtaining the information on the descendants of Christian Wenger, C. Information from Robert is labeled RW-GED. Most of these references refer to TWB.


I would like to mention also the very important web sites http://www.omii.org/ where many valuable genealogical databases are published, the extremely large collection of genealogical databases at http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi and the collection of Mennonite Obituaries at http://www.mcusa-archives.org/MennObits/ These resources have been extremely important in collecting the information in this database. The Morman database at http://www.familysearch.org is of important value. Now there is an important new resources for genealogy, FindAGrave www.findagrave.com


I would also like to acknowledge the following large databases that have been very helpful.




http://search.ancestry.com/ which includes census information, and




Acknowledgement needs to be given to the many, many individuals who have contributed to this project. Contributions have ranged from published books, family genealogies and family information recorded on slips of paper and in family bibles. Each and every piece has been a part of the overall picture.



Introduction   Acknowledgements   Explanation of Notations


Other Abbreviations Other Wenger Progenitors   Sources of Information   Location of Cemeteries

Explanation of Notations

The goal of this project has been to identify the many descendants of two Wenger immigrants: of Hans and Hannah Wenger whose three sons immigrated to America in 1748 and 1749. Hans, the father, is identified as Hans Wenger, G. His children are given the numbers G1, G2, G3, etc. and of Christian Wenger immigrant of 1727. Christian is identified as Christian Wenger, C.

Recent and reasonable estimates of the birth dates of the children of Hans Wenger, G1 has led to the adoption of new G numbers for some of these offspring. Stephen, G11, Christian, G12, Judith, G13 and John, G14 have their original G numbers. Maria had the number G18 and now has the number G15. Henry had the number G15 and now has the number G16. Abraham had the number G16 and now has the number G17. Martin had the number G17 and now has the number G18. These new numbers are reflected on the monument that was placed in the Jonestown, PA Wenger Cemetery in August, 1994 to honor Hans Wenger, G1 and his children. This change of number of Hans Wenger, G1's children is referred to as new ordering.

The G numbers of the children of John Wenger, G14 have been redetermined on the basis of known information and some reasonable guesses. They differ from those used in "The Wenger Book". Christian Wenger, G144 is now G141, John Wenger, G145 is now G142, Martin Wenger, G146 is now G143, Jacob Wenger, G148 is now G140 and Abraham Wenger, G140 is now G145.

An individual is identified by name, birth date, death date, a possible descendant code, such as G or C, and possible additional information. For example:

Martin Wenger, 1742.2.2 1815.8.28, G18, (i1748)

describes Martin Wenger who was born on February 2, 1742 and died on August 28, 1815. Martin immigrated to America in 1748. His G code is G18. The G code is the standard York code where G represents Hans Wenger, the father of the three Wenger brothers who immigrated in 1748 and 1749. The offspring of Hans Wenger, G are assigned the codes G1, G2, G3 and G4 for the first, second, third and fourth born children. Martin Wenger, immigrant of 1748 is the eighth child of the first-born child of Hans Wenger, G. Thus his code is G18.

For more than nine children, the tenth is assigned the code 0, the eleventh the code A, the twelfth the code B, etc.
If a descendant with a G code marries another descendant with a G code then there is the question as to which G code to use for their offspring. Their children would have two G codes, but to simplify the notation only one G code is kept. The rule followed here is that if the two parents, both descendants of Hans Wenger, G are of the same generation, then the G code of the father is used for the offspring. If the mother is an earlier generation than the father, then the mother's G code is used for the offspring.

If an individual is a descendant of Christian Wenger, C, the immigrant of 1727 and the subject of "The Wenger Book", then that fact is indicated by the notation C.

If an individual is a descendant of Hans Lehman, 1700~ 1771, H, (i1737.10.8) ^, then that fact is indicated by the notation LH (the L is used to differentiate between a Hans Wengert, 1720~, H, (i1751) ^ descendant. See below for a full list of family notations used.

If there is ( ) within the name then there are several possible meanings. The enclosed name may be an earlier version of the name or an alternate version of the name. The enclosed name may be a prior married name of the person. Some sources do not indicate if the maiden name or the married name is within the ( ) so in some cases there is ambiguity. If the maiden name is known then it is outside of the ( ) and the married name is within the ( ). If there are two prior marriages then both married names are include within the ( ) separated by a /. At times if the name has been given in two forms, both forms are offered with a / between them.

A date with ambiguity is indicated by a ? mark. A birth or death date of 1760~ would indicate that the date is approximate and could be off by a year or two or even ten or twenty years if the estimate was based upon several generations without more information. Some books use the notation circa or an abbreviation of that word. Others use abt.

If the date is given as 1872+ then the birth or death occurred after 1872. If the date is given as 1872- then the birth or death occurred prior to 1872. A date such as 1893.4.6~ would indicate that the date is April 6, but the year is in question. A date such as 1905.6 would indicate June, 1905 without a day specified. The date 1930..6 would indicate a date of the sixth day of some month in the year 1930. If the date is followed by a 'b' then that indicates that the date is of baptism. If the date is followed by a 'p' then that indicates a probate date.

The notation 0 in the additional portion indicates that the individual had no descendants. The notation * indicates that descendants for that individual are not known. The notation ^ indicates that there is no information on the parents of the individual. The character 'a' in the additional section indicates that the individual was a foster child or adopted or descended from an adopted individual.

When the first name of a husband or father is not known, the notation father is used. This does not imply that there were children.


Summary of Main Notations
~ means approximate (equivalent to the notation cir)
^ means no parent information
* means no descendant information
0 means no descendants


Introduction   Acknowledgements   Explanation of Notations


Other Abbreviations   Other Wenger Progenitors   Sources of Information   Location of Cemeteries

Other Abbreviations

BIC Brethren in Christ
OGBB Old German Baptist Brethren. ­ Official name after the 1881 break
GB German Baptists ­ Official name of the main body until name change, in 1908, to Church of the Brethren (COB)
OGB Old German Baptist (no electricity, no automobiles) also refer to themselves as GB and Old Order
OOGB Old Order German Baptist ­used by petitioners of the 1920's split from the OGB
COB Church of the Brethren
OOMC Old Order Mennonite Congregation (Ontario, Canada)
OORB Old Order River Brethren (note: this may also refer to the book "History of the Old Order River Brethren"
Menn. Mennonite

Ref. Reformed
Rev. Reverend, Minister, Preacher, etc. Here there may be cause for criticism as OGBB ministers are not called Reverend, Preachers were called preachers and not reverend, etc. The use of Rev. is a generic term to mean that the person played a role in the church as minister/leader/giver of spiritual guidance. In general the religious affiliation of a person is not given unless that person has played a role in the church, as Deacon, Rev., Bishop, Elder etc.
Cem. Cemetery
Co. County
Twp. Township
KS, Ks. Kansas
, Ca. Calif. California
PA, Pa. Pennsylvania
NY New York
CO Colorado
OH Ohio
VA, Va. Virginia
IA, Ia. Iowa (Note that Ia. has been used in some 19th century sources to mean Indiana) The reader of this book must interpret carefully the meaning of Ia.



Introduction   Acknowledgements   Explanation of Notations


Other Abbreviations   Other Wenger Progenitors   Sources of Information   Location of Cemeteries

Other Wenger Progenitors

Family codes used are: (see TWB for more detail)

A Hans Wenger, 1660~, A, ^ father of
A1 Henry Wenger, 1680 1753, A1, (i1717) * (A in TWB notation)
A2 Christian Wenger, 1688 1749, A2, (i1718) (B in TWB notation)
The notation of John Fetzer is used for the A family and not that of TWB

C Christian Wenger, 1698.5.1 1772.2.9, C, (i1727) The family of "The Wenger Book"
D Lazarus Wenger, 1715.11.15 1796.12.16, D, (i1735.8.26)
E Hans Wenger, 1700~, E, (i1737.10.8) ^
F Johannes Wenger, 1700~, F, (i1747.10.20) ^
G Johannes (Hans) Wenger, 1680~ 1749.9.9-, G, ^ The family of this book
H Hans Wengert, 1720~, H, (i1751) ^
I Casper and Jacob Wenger, (i17xx and i1764)
J Joseph Wenger, (i1754)
K John Wenger, 1730~, K, (i) ^ Amish
L Henry Wenger

? John Adam Wingard, 1726,, (i1752) ) ^ Immigrant to Charleston, SC (not in NWN list of Wenger immig.) MWE
His descendants live in the Dutch Fork area of SC and in Pike Co., Alabama. There is a town called Wingard, Ala. near Rural Home, off Hwy 29 south of Montgomery. A cem. there has the grave of William Wingard, 1799.12.10 1872.10.27 They were slave owners and some of their slaves took the name Wingard. There are today descendants of those slaves called Wingard.

? Phillip Jacob Wenger, 1799.12.13 1863.7.18,, (i ) ^ (not in NWN list of Wenger immig.) Immigration by Nov. 1825. Born France. Children born in Lebanon Co., PA. Died Butler Co., OH.

M Christian Wenger, 1800 1882, M, (i1835) ^
N John Wenger, (i1848)
O Christian Wenger Immigrant to Ohio
P Conrad Wenger Immigrant to Morton, Ill.
Q Christian Wenger, 1756 1824 son Frederick Wenger, 1805.1.24 immigrated
R John Wenger, 1802 Monroe, Wis.
S Jacob Wenger, 1827
T John Wenger, 1831
U Frederick Wenger, 1854 Immigrant to Dover, Ohio
V Christian Wenger Immigrant to Ohio? before 1858
W Gottfried Wenger, 1868 1940, (i1883) Immigrant to Missouri
Y Joseph Wenger, 1795 1846
Z John Wenger, 1803, Z, (i1884?) ^
AA Karl Michael Wenger's sons Joseph and Michael are G1817 and G1818
BB Noah Wenger Native of Minsk, Russia. His children assumed the name Wenger
CC John Hieronmius Wenger, (i1800~)
DD Beth Wingert
EE Gottlieb Wenger, (i1886)

Other Progenitors

HH Hans Hess, 1683.7.1 1733,, (i1717)
LH Hans Lehman, 1700~ 1771, H, (i1737.10.8) ^
NA Hans Heinrich Neff, 1660~, NA, ^
NF Johan Christian Neff, 1718 1771~, NF, (i1743.9.17)
SE Ulrich (Schürch/Sherrick) Shirk, 1663.3.9 1739.7, SE, (i1728.8.23) ^
SH Casper Shirk  Casper (Sherrick/Schirch) Shirk, (i1731.12/1732.5.15)



Introduction   Acknowledgements   Explanation of Notations


Other Abbreviations   Other Wenger Progenitors   Sources of Information   Location of Cemeteries

Sources of Information


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FTM Refers either to a particular Family Tree Maker family history file. or the Social Security Death Index, 1937-1995 For example, FTM2346 refers to the FTM file #2346. FTM alone refers to the death index

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GESH Gale Edwin Spitler Honeyman, 1938.7.8, G1411346311, 0. Gale 's contributions to this project were great.. His research on the family of John Weaver Wenger, 1778.4.11 1851.5.12, G1411, Rev. was extensive and detailed. His vast library and memory and his enthusiastic support are greatly appreciated.

GF Garst family files

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GJW Gwendolyn Joyce Wenger, 1934.2.9, G188125A2S prepared a family history that was passed to SEW and on to DLW. Due to the fact that the title page had NWN as the source, information from that history is labeled NWN. Apologies to Gwendolyn. That history provided information on the descendants of John Myers Wenger, 1857 1930, G188125 and Fannie Sollenberger, 1856.8.20 1940.6.26, G147152

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JBF "Joel and Nannie Sink Booth Family"


JBW John Brechbill Wenger, 1885.7.2 1961.5.31, G1881343 recorded all inscriptions on stones in the Burkholder Cem., the Church Cem., the Siloam Cem and many other small cemeteries . These recordings allowed many relationships to be established. The recordings were done between 1959 and 1961

JCH James C. Hostetler database on SAGA-OMII

JCL James Clark Landis, 1961.4.16, G1317322233 provided information on the descendants of Barbara W. Funck, 1760.7.9 1849.3.12, G131

JCL Much information supplied by Raymond Clyde Lantz, 1951.11.20, G144262451 on the Detwiler family was mislabled JCL instead of RCL. Detwiler information labeled JCL came from Raymond Clyde Lantz, 1951.11.20, G144262451

JCN Jewell Calvin Niswander

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JDG "Detwiler Genealogy", by D. Frank Bayer, 1989, New Enterprise, Pa. giving descendants of Jacob Detwiler, 1733 1804,, (i1754.9.29) who mostly located in Morrison Cove, Bedford and Blair Counties, Pa. Three of Jacob's children married Hans Wenger descendants.

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JGFK "History of Kreider Family from the Pen of Rev. J. G. Francis, Scholarly Discourse on one of the oldest and most prominent clans in county", published serially in the Lebanon Daily News, Lebanon, Pa. beginning on May 22, 1919. J. Lee Kreider of Dayton, Ohio transcribed the articles and produced a very nice representation of them.

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JH James Houpt, private records. Mr. Houpt supplied to DLW about the Hawbaker ancestors and provided some recent additions to the G145 descendants. Much of the labeled JH is also found in HB.

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JVW Jay Vernon Wenger, 1944.6.13, G131847B6 Jay is president of the Wenger Family Association and has been a major supporter of the preparation of the descendants of Hans and Hannah Wenger. Jay was greatly involved in the preparation of the index of "The Wenger Book". He descends from Christian Wenger, C five different ways

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JY Jerry Yohe jlyohey@concentric.net

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MAF Mary Ann McClarnon, 1943.2.5, G181255543, * has helped to provide the research for this book and in particular has supplied on descendants of Martin Wenger, G18-and many other Wenger descendants and has resolved a number of questions regarding conflicting data. Her critic of this history has been extremely helpful. A collaboration with her cousin Deloris June Hammermeister, 1932.6.2, G18115F94 on a five year search for the descendants of Jacob Wingard and Susanna Zook has produced over 2900 individuals. Her contributions to this history have been very important and her encouraging support to DLW is greatly appreciated. Maryann661@aol.com

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WS William Wenger Saylor, 1923.1.23, G11322515 and Mabel Wenger (Ristenbatt) Wenger, 1925.9.26, C7207751. Much of their information was entered into a genealogy program by David Earl Ristenbatt, 1949.1.19, G132421B332 and sent to DLW. It was William and Mabel's search for the Stefan Wenger, G11 cemetery that led to the discovery of the Wenger Farm Cemetery on Shumaker Road.

WW Wayne Watkins DLW spent a week with Wayne at the Brookville Historical Society, Brookville, Montgomery Co. Ohio where he offers assistance to researchers. Waynes help was invaluable in understanding the Montgomery Co. descendants. His assistance is greatly appreciated

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(Chart) From a family chart found among the papers of RDW giving much of the family of Abraham Wenger, 1740 1808, G17, (i1748.9.16) and in particular of Martin Wenger, 1812.1.3 1881.5.15, G1771. It is believed that the chart was prepared by Stanley Alleman Wengert, 1897.9.8 1995.5.8, G1771341 about 1935

There are many other sources of family that were helpful to this research and that have not been identified, mainly due to lack of knowledge of their names. I offer my apologies to the authors and wish to express the gratitude of the descendants for their efforts that have provided us with the information that might otherwise be lost forever.




Introduction   Acknowledgements   Explanation of Notations


Other Abbreviations   Other Wenger Progenitors   Sources of Information   Location of Cemeteries

Location of Cemeteries

Note: In 1941 the US Army acquired land in Letterkenny Twp. Franklin Co. Pa. to be used as a depot. Nine cemeteries were on that land and access to the cemeteries requires special permission from the Army. Several of those cemeteries contain G line descendants, in particular the Plesant Hill Brethren in Christ Cem., the Pleasant Hill Mennonite Cem., the Burkholder Cem. and the Strasburg Mennonite Cem.

Abbottsville Cemetery Located in Darke Co., Ohio on rt. 49 south of Greenville at Abbottsville.

Air Hill Brethren in Christ Church Cemetery. AHCC Located in Greene Twp. Franklin Co., Pa. three miles north of Chambersburg on Route 997 (the old Route 2). John B. Wenger listed all inscriptions in 1959. Early graves date from 1830. Originally called the Kreider Cemetery. Also called the Dunkard Church, Mt. Airy near Nyestown CHPS gives the location as 40º.59N 77º38.11W

Amish Meeting House Cemetery (Churchtown Old Order Mennonite Church), Churchtown, Lancaster Co., PA

Antrim Mennonite Church Cemetery Antrim Twp. Franklin Co. Pa. located off of route 16 near Brown's Mill on the corner of Zarger Road and Antrim Church Road. RCM. Also called Brethren in Christ Cem. Greencastle, Pa.

Antrim Twp. Farm Cemetery located on the farm belonging to Mr. David Rudolph, and formerly belonging to Samuel Wingerd, E166. It is situated about 1/4 mile east of legislative route 887 and about 1/2 mile north of the village of Mason Dixon, Pa. The cemetery plot is surrounded by an iron pipe fence , but the iron wire fencing has long since rusted away. The plot has been covered over with a slab of concrete and all headstones are cemented in place. Some data has been covered with cement. The headstones are arranged in rows running north and south, all facing east. The cemetery plot is approximately 45 feet long and 22 feet wide and is located about 966 feet southwest of the barn. (Information from J. Pfluege, 1971)

Appanosse Cemetery located near Overbrook in Douglas Co., KS

Arlington Cemetery Montgomery Co., OH located on National Rd. just west of Arlington which is north of Brookville. There are two cemeteries there. Parish is on the north side of the road, Arlington Cem. is on the south side.

Athens Cemetery Jewell Co., KS

Back Creek Cemetery is now the Lithia Baptist Church Cem., Lithia, Botetourt Co. VA See Lithia Baptist Church

Bareville Union Cemetery - West Earl Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania - 40º54.6N76º10.16W Located west of Bareville to the north of SR23 (New Holland Pike) on the west side of Brethren Church Road. AHR Bareville Brethren Cemetery (CHPS)

Bear Creek Cemetery located on Rt. 35 in Madison Twp., Montgomery Co., OH

Bellegrove United Brethren (now United Methodist) Church Cemetery Bellegrove, Lebanon Co. Pa.

Belle Springs Cemetery located south of Bertie, Ont.

Belle Spring Cemetery Navarre, Dickenson County, Kansas

Bertie Brethren in Christ Cemetery BBC located on Church Road just west of Stevensville, Ontario, Canada. Site of the original Tunker Church. Believed to be the original farm land of Abraham Winger, 1825.10.3 1904.10.6, G1758, Bishop

Bethel Cemetery located in Section 21 of Hayes Twp., Dickinson Co., KS at the corner of Mink Rd. and 2800 Ave. This is also called the Moonlight Community. 39.001406 N,  97.110418 W

Bethel Cemetery located in Randolph Twp., Montgomery Co., Ohio south of West Milton on the Phillipsburg,-Union Road between State Routes 48 and 49. The road is just north of Union. There are two cemeteries on this road.. Going west from State Route 48, the first cemetery is about 1 mile on the right and is called Minnich Cemetery. The second cemetery is a few miles further west and is much closer to Phillisburg, Ohio. This second cemetery, which is on the right, is Bethel Cememtery. (thanks to Lynn Applegate, lapplegate@ravenet.com).

Bert-Hoover Cemetery located about two miles north of Newburg, Pa. on the Tree Square Hollow Road.

Bishop Hans Tschantz's Cemetery - West Lampeter Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania - 39º58.33N76º13.47W. Located south west of Strasburg on the west side of Pequea Lane south of Penn Grant Road In poor condition in 1982 AHR Musser Graveyard (CHPS)

Bixler Cemetery (Midway Mennonite Church Cem., Mahoning Co., OH)

Black Creek Pioneer Cemetery Located on College Road, in former Bertie Twp., Lot 14 Concession 10, now in the town of Fort Erie, Ontario. Also known as Bolden or Tunker or Winger Cemetery. The entrance is on the south side of College Road, approximately 1500 feet through the golf course between Winger Road and Sider Road. The entrance gate is ornamented with the name "Black Creek Pioneer Cemetery". The Black Creek is the natural limit on the south side. The cemetery is on a 200 acre piece of land bought in 1799 by John Winger the first Bishop of the Tunker Church of Canada, now Brethren in Christ. He came to Ontario and obtained land on Dec. 16, 1799, settling by Black Creek in a beautiful heavily wooded area on which land the present Black Creek Cemetery is located. His is buried there, having died in 1828. Names found in the graveyard are: Beam, Climenhaga, House, High, Sherk, Sider, Winger, Zimmerman, all relatives of the Wingers or members of the Tunker Church. The Bishops of Black Creek District were: (ALW)

John Hansley Winger, 1740 1828, G31, Bishop (i1749.9.9) first Bishop of the Tunker Church of Canada
Peter Winger, 1796.8.22 1879.2.20, G310, Bishop
Abraham Winger, 1825.10.3 1904.10.6, G1758, Bishop
Jonas Winger, 1857.8.24 1922.2.2, G17586, Bishop
Bert Sherk, 1875.7.1 1959.6.1,, Bishop married Catherine M. Winger, 1876.5.2 1953.3.23, G31089
William Charlton, 1896.12.20 1974.11.3,, Bishop married Lillie (Lila) Mae Sider, 1900.2.2 1953, G326622 and Anna Pearl Winger, 1906.8.6, G3225112, 0

Brandt's Church Cemetery Located on Route 1 St. Thomas, Franklin Co. Pa. Road no. 28082 Three miles south west of St. Thomas, Pa.

Brackbill-Neff Cemetery - Strasburg Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania - 39º58.19N76º11.379W vic Located three fourths of a mile southwest of Strasburg on the south side of Twin Elm Road AHR (CHPS)

Brechbill Cemetery Hamilton Twp., Franklin Co., PA located on Route 3 between Portico School and Frey's Mill on the Ft. McCord Road, Chambersburg, Pa. located on the original Christian Brechbill farm.

Brown's Mill Church Cemetery Located near Greencastle, Pa. Old Order German Baptist?

Brinzer Cemetery see Siloam

Brown's Mill Church of the Brethren Cemetery located north of Greencastle at Marion, Antrim Twp. Franklin Co. Pa.

Bull Cemetery Reed family cemetery on the homestead in Union Twp., Southwest, Elkart Co., IN.

Burkholder Cemetery Located on the farm land of Abraham Wingert, G145 in Letterkenny Twp. Franklin Co. Pa. (later owned by his son Christian). The cemetery was formed about 1820-30 from a portion of his land and that of two neighbors. The land was purchased in 1941 by the US Army and is now located in the Letterkenny Ordinance Depot. It lies about 3/4 miles as the crow files north of Pleasant Hall, Pa. In 1959 John B. Wenger copied from all markers in the cemetery. Information from his listing is indicated with JBW. There were 113 readable stones. All but a few of the stones belong to descendants of Hans Wenger, G1

Burkholder United Church Cemetery located on Mohawk Road East, Hamilton Twp., Ontario, Canada

Calvary United Cemetery AKA St. Jacob's Evangelical Cemetery located in Waterloo Co., Ontario, Canada

Carrollsburg Cemetery See Zimmerman Cemetery

Cedar Grove Cemetery Chambersburg, Franklin Co., Pa.

Cedar Grove Cemetery Fredericksburg, Lebanon Co., Pa. north east of the town. 40º26.55N76º25.25W

Cedar Grove Mennonite Church Cemetery, on State Route 63 just south of E. Weaver Rd., Greencastle, Franklin Co., PA

Cedar Hill Cemetery Greencastle, Antrim Twp., Franklin Co., Pa. on route 16, one mile West of Greencastle.

Chambersburg Mennonite Church Cemetery, CMCC The first person to be buried here was Daniel Groff, 1795.11.24 1857.8.22 The second person was David W. Horst, 1820.9.8 1858.3.5, C5442, Rev. (DRL)

Christ Church Cemetery - Mastersonville, Rapho Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania - 40º11.44N76º29.07W Located on the east side of Colbrook Road at Mastersonville Road. AHR Mastersonville Brethren in Christ Cemetery (CHPS)

Church of God Cemetery located on Route 533 near Orrstown, Franklin Co. Pa.

Churchtown Old Order Mennonite Church (Amish Meeting House Cemetery), Churchtown, Lancaster Co., PA

Coble Cemetery St. Thomas Twp. Franklin Co. Pa. north of Lincoln Way West that runs from Chambersburg to Loudon

Conestoga Mennonite Church Cemetery Morgantown, Lancaster Co., PA

Criders Cemetery located 5 miles north west of Chambersburg, Pa. on the former Ross Meyers Farm on Route 4

Crider Cemetery located 2 miles west of Chambersburg, PA on the Gerald Peckman property on Peckman Drive.

Christ Church Cemetery located on Mastersonville Road in Mastersonville, Rapho Twp. Lancaster Co. Pa.

Daleville Cemetery Located on Rt. 220 at Daleville, Va.

Denlinger Cemetery - Lancaster, East Lampeter Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania - 40º1.12N76º13.18W vic Located about a mile east of the "Zook Greenhouse" along Gridely Road which is about a half mile south of the Dutch Wonderland Amusement Park on Route 30 east of Lancaster. It is situated on a knoll and is hidden from view by trees and undergrowth. In neglect. (CHPS)

Denton Cemetery See Tombstone Cemetery

Detwiler Cemetery From Altoona take Rt 36 South past Hollidaysburg. After Hollidaysburg, stay on Rt 36 south to Roaring Spring. At Roaring Spring take a left onto Rt 164 toward Martinsburg (about 6 miles ). In Martinsburg take a left onto Rt 866 (North). On Rt 866 there is a cemetery of unknown name on your right. Along this road is where many Wikes, Detwilers, Clappers, Rhodes lived. The Detwiler cemetery is on the left on some farmland now owned by the Smith family. There is a road to turn onto from Rt 866. The cemetery is on the left. (BW)

Dillers Mennonite Church Cemetery DMCC Located in West Pennsboro, Twp. Cumberland Co. Pa.

Donnelsville Cemetery North Hampton Co. Ohio

Early (Wenger) Cemetery, located off of Early Rd., Harrisonburg, Rockingham Co., VA Near 3950 Early Rd. there is a street that runs southeast. This street is about 200 feet northeast of Leray Circle. Go down the street until it takes a left turn. The cemetery is ahead of you at that point. Its location is sometimes given as Pleasant Valley.

Eastlawn Cemetery Zimmerdale, Harvey Co., KS (also called Pennsylvania Church Cem.)

Ebenezer Cemetery (Ebenezer Greenwood) Located just north west of Lebanon, Pa. 40º21.31N76º27.35W

Eby Cemetery - Monterey Upper Leacock Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania 400410N0761041W Located at the Monterey Chapel. Also called the Monterey Chapel Cemetery. The Monterey Chapel was originally the Eby Meetinghouse of the German Baptists (Dunkards now Church of the Brethren) but the graveyard was there before the church. The land for the church was sold or donated by Henry Eby, 1812.3.11 1887.2.2, G13172 and Mary Resh, 1814.9.8 1893.1.16. The graves are about 75% Eby's. JEM Monterey Chapel Cemetery q.v. (CHPS)

Ehrstine Cemetery Madison Twp. Montgomery Co. Ohio

Fairview Cemetery Located in the SE corner of National Road (the old original National Trail) US 40 and Union Road in Englewood, Randolph Twp., Montgomery Co. OH RO

Fairview Cemetery Located in Martinsburg, Blair Co., PA

Fairview Old Order Mennonite Church Cemetery, Elco Drive, Myerstown, PA

Falling Spring Church Cemetery Located in Guilford Twp. Franklin Co. Pa.

Frantz Cemetery Located about eighty rods south of the National Road, three miles west of Springfield, Ohio

Fretz Cemetery Located on the original John Fretz property, Lots 2 and 3, Concession 15, 16 of Bertie Twp. Ontario. Cemetery found in 1971 as follows: Three miles south of the Brethren in Christ Church, Welland, Ont. about a mile off the old Garrison Rd. off the first sideroad which is west of Point Abino Rd.

Frey Cemetery Greene Twp. Franklin Co. Pa. on the original Frey farm of John and Anna (RCM)

Gibble Cemetery Rapho Twp. Lancaster Co. Pa.

Gingrich Homestead Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant Road, south of Annville, Lebanon Co., PA

Gish-Snider Cemetery Located on Spring Valley farm between Amsterdam and Trinity, Rt. 220 south of Fincastle, Va. Many unmarked graves

Gipe's Grove Cem. Franklin Co. Pa.

Grantville Cemetery Grantville, East Hanover Twp. Dauphin Co. Pa. See St. John United Methodist Cemetery (adjacent to East Hanover Twp. Lebanon Co. Pa. )

Green Hill Cemetery South Potomac Street (PA 316) Waynesboro, Pa.

Greenmound Cemetery New Madison, Darke Co. Ohio

Greenville Union Cemetery Located at the edge of town Greenville, Darke Co. Ohio. Union Cemetery is the older portion of the cemetery. It contains some re-internments from the Water Street Cemetery and the Briggs graveyard.

Grindstone Hill Cemetery Located along Pa. Route 316 between Waynesboro and Chambersburg, Pa.

Groffdale Mennonite Cemetery (Wood Frame Church) located on Groffdale Church Rd. just east of the intersection with Farmersville Rd. South. Groffdale Conference.

Groffdale Mennonite Cemetery (Brick Church) located on Groffdale Road North at the intersection with Brick Church Rd..

Grove Mill Cemetery Lancaster Co. Pa.?

Hades Church Cemetery Hades Brethern Church Antrim Twp. Franklin Co. Pa. along Hades Church Road three miles north of Shady Grove and six miles southeast of Chambersburg. Land sold by Emmanuel Hade in 1869 to build a church building. RCM

Hanoverdale Brethren Cemetery Located on Hwy. 39 south of Hwy 22 Hershey Road South and Devonshire Heights Road at the Church of the Brethren, Dauphin Co. Pa.

Happy Corner Cemetery Located just east of Union Blvd, Montgomery Co. OH

Harshbarger Cemetery Mill Creek COB churchyard,  near Port Republic Rd. and Mill Creek Rd., Rockingham Co., VA

Heisey Hill Cemetery Gormley, Ontario, Canada

Henry Small Farm Cemetery Located 1/2 way between New Franklin and Marion, Guilford Twp. Franklin Co. Pa.

Hernley Mennonite Cemetery - Rapho Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania - 40º10.48N76º24.17W Located at Hernley's Church northwest of Manheim near the intersection of East Hernly Road and SR 72 at about 285 East Hernly Road. (CHPS)

Hill Church Cemetery Located in Cleona, PA

Hillside Cemetery Sedgewick, Kansas

Hoch Cemetery Lurgan Twp., Franklin Co., PA. near Roxbury, PA. Also known as Shoemaker Cem. State Hwy 997 to Otterbein School Road. Turn east to the first farm house. The cem. is behind the barn

Holsinger Cemetery Bakers Summit, Woodbury Twp., Bedford Co., PA

Horst’s Cemetery, located a Horst Road and 419, north of Schaefferstown, PA

Howry Cemetery - Strasburg Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania - 39º59.36N76º10.57W - Located 1/2 Mile north of Strasburg on the west side of SR896/Hartman Bridge Road AHR (CHPS)

John Miller Farm Family Cemetery Located on the homestead of John (Hans) Gingrich Wenger, 1765.3.24 1848.9.2, G181, now (1998) the farm of Willis Miller Lesher, 1918.12.8 2003.6.24, G141314121, in a patch of woods approximately 1/4 mile north of Legislative Route No. 28079 (Swamp Fox Road) in Guilford Twp. Franklin Co. Pa. (approx. 39°51.67N 77°39.4W) Stones grown over and hard to find and identify.

Kieffer Cemetery Located on the eastern boundary of West Hanover Twp. on the farm owned by D. Kieffer across the line in Hanover Twp. Dauphin Co. Pa. about a mile north of the Hanoverdale Brethren Church. The 1875 Dauphin Co. Atlas shows the location.

Kreider Cemetery Located in Pequea Twp. Lancaster Co. Pa. beside the road leading from Highland Inn on the Willow St. turnpike (Fulton Highway) to New Danville, Pa. GCK

Kreider Cemetery Lebanon Co. Pa. Located on the line between the original two Kreider properties on Snitz Creek, Lebanon Co. Pa. today (1919) south of the fair grounds a quarter of a mile, on the line between the Lorenzo Laudermilch farm and the Uhrich farm. About 55 by 60 feet surrounded by rough wire. JGFK

Kreider Cemetery see Air Hill Cemetery

Landis Valley Cemetery - Manheim Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania - 40º54.3N76º16.25W - Located west of SR 272/Reading Road at Valley Road. AHR Landis Valley Mennonite Cemetery (CHPS)

Laymantown Cemetery located in Laymantown, Botetourt Co., VA

Lichty Cemetery (formally Zimmerman Cemetery) This cemetery is located on the old Zimmerman farm and the entrance has a sign 'Zimmerman' on the fence. Began as the Zimmerman Family Graveyard. Located South East of Union Grove Road and Iron Bridge Road. Access through a farm to the middle of a field. Used by Lichty Mennonite Church as church cemetery., Lancaster Co., PA

Light Cemetery (Light Burial Plot) Bethel Twp. Lebanon Co. Pa. 40°24'39''N76°24'43''W estimated. Located on the road from Lebanon to Fredericksburg, after passing Freeport Mills, turn right at the second farm house about one fourth of a mile. (believed to be Lightchurch Road) (JGF)

Lincoln Cemetery Chambersburg, Franklin Co. Pa.

Lithia Baptist Church Cemetery Lithia, Botetourt Co. VA (Back Creek Cem.) Founded 1848 The Church was a union church having Baptist, Brethern, Lutheran, and Methodist worshipping there. On Jan. 4, 1902 it became Baptist. DW

Little Cove Church Cemetery (Methodist Church) located south of Sylvan, Warren Twp., Franklin Co. Pa. on road no. 456 (APL) (DLW approximately 39º44.7N78º2W)

Long’s Meeting House Cemetery (South Annville Meeting House Cemetery), Church Rd., South Annville, PA

Longenecker's Reformed Mennonite Cemetery - West Lampeter Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania - 40º.16N76º13.07W 1 and 1\2 miles NE of Strasburg on the west side of Strasburg Pike, east of Pioneer Road Longeneckers Church (CHPS)

Lorane Grange Cemetery Located in a grove of tall pines far back on a rolling hillside on what is now the King Estate's Winery on Territorial Road near the intersection with the Cottage Grove-Lorane highway.

Lower Stillwater Church Cemetery Montgomery Co. Ohio German Baptist Brethren

Maple Lawn Cemetery located at Flora, Ind.

Maple Lawn Cemetery located just west of the village of Winger, Wainfleet Twp., Welland Co., Ontario

Maple Lawn Cemetery believed to be located near Gromley, Ontario

Marion Mennonite Church Cemetery located north of Marion, Franklin Co., PA

Mellinger's Cemetery - East Lampeter Township Lancaster County, Pennsylvania - 40º2.00N76º14.59W Located east of Lancaster at 1901 Lincoln Highway East (SR 462) by the intersection with Greenfield Road Mellinger's Mennonite Church Cemetery (CHPS)

Mennonite Cemetery located on Bethlehem Steel land in Cornwall, Pa. (JHB2)

Mennonite Cemetery - Leacock Township Lancaster County, Pennsylvania - 40º2.49N76º3.27W 3 miles east of Intercourse on Redwell Road /T778 east of North New Holland Road AHR Pequea Old Order Mennonite Cemetery (CHPS)

Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery - Strasburg, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania - 39º58.58N76º10.48W South side of west Main Street/SR741 AHR Wesley Methodist Cemetey (CHPS)

Meyer (homestead) Cemetery Bethel Twp. Lebanon Co. Pa. Located near Shirksville on a 150 acre farm which was Jacob Meyer's in 1750. The land came from a 500 acre piece that his father Johannes Meyer obtained. The 150 acre piece is now owned by Mrs. Helen Deaven. The cemetery is on a hill just north of the Shirksville Road and just west of the Fredericksburg Road. Access is via the farm house at the end of the long driveway off of Fredericksburg Road.. An isolated tree identifies the cemetery. About 40 stones, mostly unreadable. Some early Obetrholtzers, Meyers and Wengers.

Meyers Cemetery near Welsh Run, Pa.

Meyers Cemetery located along route 416 and Licking Creek near Mercersburg, Pa.

Michigan Avenue (Bern) Mennonite Cemetery located one mile east of Pigeon, Huron Co., Mich. on M-142, then north 1 3/4 mile on Brown Rd.

Midway Mennonite Church Cemetery Columbiana, Mahoning Co., located on Columbiana-Canfield Rd. just north of Renkenberger Rd. Also known as the Bixler Cemetery and the Oberholtzer Church Cemetery.

Millbach Meeting House Cemetery,  Chapel Rd. and South Millbach Rd., Millbach, PA

Miller-Gingrich Cemetery North Annville Twp., Lebanon Co., PA (in farmer's field)

Miller Cemetery (Palestine Old German Baptist Brethren Cemetery) located near Palestine, Darke Co. OH

Minnich Cemetery located on Phillipsburg-Union Rd., west of State Route 48 in Union Twp., Montgomery Co., OH. There are two cemeteries on this road.. Going west from State Route 48, the first cemetery is about 1 mile on the right and is called Minnich Cemetery. The second cemetery is a few miles further west and is much closer to Phillisburg, Ohio. This second cemetery, which is on the right, is Bethel Cememtery. (thanks to Lynn Applegate, lapplegate@ravenet.com).

Mississinewa Cemetery Located in Wabash Co. Ind. 2 miles north of Somerset, Ind. on Ind. State Road 13 These graves were moved from the Old Vernon Cem. Just across the road from Somerset because of the building of the Mississinewa Dam Reservoir 1966-1968

Mt. Annville Cemetery, Gingrich Homestead Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant Road, south of Annville, Lebanon Co., PA

Mt. Holly Springs Cemetery Mt. Holly Springs, Pa.

Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Gingrich Homestead Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant Road, south of Annville, Lebanon Co., PA

Mt. Rock Church Cemetery Located sourth of Shippensburg, Pa.

Monterey Chapel Cemetery - Monterey, Upper Leacock Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania - 40º4.10N76º10.41W Located south of Leola, west of Newport Road (SR 772) at approximately 17 West Eby Road Once the Eby Cemetery, it is currently affiliated with the Christian Brethren (formerly Plymouth Brethren) since 1976. From 1946-1975, the church was the Monterey Mennonite Church, which moved and became the Forest Hills Mennonite Church. Before that, from 1860-1946, it was the Eby Church of the Brethren. Most of the Ebys buried here were German Baptist Brethren. JEM (CHPS)

Moss Cemetery Located at Flora, Carroll County, Indiana

Mote Cemetery Located on Pitsburg-Laura Rd. in Monroe Twp., Darke Co., OH between Pitsburg and Laura.

Mudbrook Cemetery Located beside St. Jacob Lutheran Church, 8697 Mudbrook Road, NW near McDonaldsville, Stark Co., Ohio, 1.5 miles west of SR241

Muddy Creek Mennonite Church Cemetery located at the corner of Lausch Rd. and S. Muddy Creek Rd., east of Reamstown, PA

Myers Cemetery Located midway between Orrstown and Pleasant Hall, Pa. on Route 533 (old Route 1). This cemetery in on a portion of the original farm of John Myers, 1750 1824

New Enterprise Cemetery located in New Enterprise, Bedford Co., PA.

New Guilford Brethren in Christ Cemetery Guilford Twp. Franklin Co. Pa. Five miles south east of Chambersburg, Pa. On Mont Alto Road between Duffield and Mont Alto. Travel east on Route 30 from Chambersburg, turn right onto Mont Alto Road. Travel 3 miles and you will find the cemetery on the right at the corner of Fetterhoff Chapel Road. The cemetery is about 1.4 miles beyond the current New Guilford Church. Most buried here are G descendants.

New Harris Creek Cemetery Bradford, Newberry Twp. Miami Co. Ohio

Oak Grove Cemetery (Snoke Cemetery) located in North Webster, Indiana

Oberholtzer Church Cemetery, Mahoning Co., OH. Now called the Midway Mennonite Church Cemetery.

Old Martindale Mennonite Cemetery Martindale, Lancaster Co., PA Also called the Zimmerman Farm Cem.

Olive Grove Cemetery Located on Painter Road Extension in Los Nietas near Whittier, California Brethren. Also called New River Cem. Near New River Church.

Palestine Old German Baptist Brethren Cemetery (Miller Cemetery) located near Palestine, Darke Co. OH

Palmyra Cemetery Palmyra, Lebanon Co. Pa. Located on west Cherry St 40º18.19N79º35.41W

Parish Cemetery Arlington, Clay Twp., Montgomery Co., OH located on National Rd. just west of Arlington which is north of Brookville. There are two cemeteries there. Parish is on the north side of the road, Arlington Cem. is on the south side.

Parklawns Memorial Gardens located near Chambersburg, PA at the intersection of US Route 11 and 997

Penryn Cemetery Penryn, Penn Twp. Lancaster Co. Pa.

Pennsylvania Church Cemetery, (Eastlawn Cemetery) Zimmerdale, Harvey Co., KS

Pequea Brethren in Christ Cemetery - Pequea Township Lancaster County, Pennsylvania - 39º57.27N76º18.47W Located west of SR324/Marticville Pike, south of Penn Grant Road on Church Road AHR Hess's Cemetery (CHPS)

Plesant Hall Cemetery Located in Lugan Twp., Franklin County, Pa.

Pleasant Hill Brethren in Christ Cemetery Letterkenny Twp. Franklin Co. Pa. Church of the River Brethren, 1 1/2 miles from Rocky Spring, now called Zooks Church (approx. 39°59.7N77°41.67W) Located east of Lake Letterkenny

Pleasant Hill Mennonite Cemetery located next to the Pleasant Hill Brethren in Christ Cemetery.

Pleasant Hill Cemetery Brookville, Ohio

Pleasant Hill Cemetery Pleasant Grove, Kansas. Also called the Flory Cemetery

Pleasant Hill Cemetery on Pleasant Hill Rd. between Snells Rd. and Finney Rd., south west of Virden, IL

Pleasant View Mennonite Church Cemetery, Rockingham Co., VA located at the corner of Coakley Town Rd. and Rushville Rd. northwest of Dayton, VA

Polk Grove Cemetery located next to Polk Grove Chruch on the old National Rd. Route 40 at Nashville-Frederick Rd. in Butler Twp., Mongomery Co., OH

Prospect Lawn Cemetery on Stevens Rd. near Hwy 62, Hamburg, Erie Co., NY

Prices Brethren Church Cemetery near Waynesboro, Pa.

Rebuck Cemetery Located near Otterbein about two miles from Roxbury in Lurgan Twp., Franklin Co., PA. The old directions are (possibly no longer useful), turn right at the farm building (once owned by Mrs. Morris Mentzer) and go down a long lane. The cemetery is located across the creek. The burial plot was bought from Samuel R. Hoover and Mary Rohrer Hoover. Rodney (Rod) Eugene Heberlig, 1958.5.14, G1889B1345 provides the following directions: From Roxbury, Pa. follow Route 641 east for three miles. Turn right onto Paxton Run Road. Immediately turn right onto Otterbein Church Road. One half mile back of Otterbein Church Road are farm buildings currently owned by an Amish family. After passing them, continue for another quarter mile until you see a lane on the right. There are currently trees on both sides of this lane. Walk back along the lane about 300 yards until you come to a stream. Don't cross the stream, but turn left and go about 100 yards. The cemetery is currently surrounded by a white board fence. The cemetery has not been well maintaned in recent years and has brush and small trees growing in and around it. Rod found this cemetery by chance while riding bikes as a boy. He was able to find it again after 25 years.

Reed's Cemetery Located 2 miles south & 1/2 miles west of Roann, Wabash Co., Ind.

Reiff's Mennonite Church Cemetery near Cearfoss, MD. Was called the Witmer Church. The Witmer family donated the land for the church and cem. 17433 Reiff Church Rd. Hagerstown, MD

Resh/Resch (Weavertown Amish-Mennonite) (Beachy) Cemetery - Leacock Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania - 40º2.46N76º9.45W Located at Molasses Hill north east of Bird-in-Hand at Weavertown Mennonite Church on the original Henry Resh land. At 2943 Church Road where Orchard Road dead ends Solid stone wall around the original cemetery was built in 1839 CR Weavertown Cemetery (CHPS)

Rest Haven Cemetery Hagerstown, MD 1601 Pennsylvania Ave.

Ringgold Brethren in Christ Church Cemetery Ringgold, Wash. Co. Md.

Ringgold old Mennonite Cemetery located next to the Brethren in Christ Cemetery. Also many who became River Brethren (Brethren in Christ) DRL

Riverside Cemetery located in West Milton, OH

Rohrer's Cemetery South Bend, Ind. Located on a little hill on the former property of Fred Ullery, genealogist, in the backyard next to a busy street across the road from Erskine Golf Course off of Ireland Road. High street is nearby. There is no marking for the cemetery.

Rosebank Brethrin Christ Cemetery Romona, Kansas

Rowe Mennonite Cemetery Located near Chambersburg, Pa.

Royer’s Meeting House Cemetery, German Baptist Brethren, located between Myerstown and Richland, PA at the corner of Royers Rd. and Elm St.

Salem German Reformed Church Cemetery On Salem Church Road, off Marsh Road, 6 mi sw of Waynesboro. Also 1 1/2 mi north of both Leitersburg Road and Funk-Nichodemus Mansion Farm at "Big Spring" JSC

Salem Cemetery Hamilton Twp., Franklin Co., PA. This may be the following cemetery

Salem Cemetery Rt. #2, Chambersburg, Greene Twp. Franklin Co. Pa. Three separate churchs and cemeteries, United Brethren Radical (northern part), Church of the Brethren (eastern part), Liberal United Brethren (western part) JBW

Shank's Church of the Brethren Cemetery located at Greencastle, Antrim Twp. Franklin Co. Pa. south of Greencastle on Shank's Church Road, visible from the Williamsport Pike. RCM

Shank's Cemetery located south of Waynesboro, Franklin Co. Pa.

Sharpeye Cemetery West of Greenville, Darke Co., Ohio on rt. 502, just east of Sharpeye 40.01ºN84.75ºW

Shafer Family Cemetery located near Springwood, VA on the old Shafer property, now owned by Grace Gilliam (DW)

Sheldon Cemetery Sheldon, Ill.

Sherks Church Cemetery Lebanon Co. Pa. Located at Sherks Meeting House, RR2, Annville, Pa. four miles south of Grantville, Lebanon Co. Pa. (three miles east of Grantville?) 40º21.819N76º36.45W

Shoemaker/Hoch Cemetery See Hoch cemetery.

Shumacher Cemetery - Rapho Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania - 40º10.19N76º24.54W Located north west of Manheim at the intersection of Shumaker Road and Old Line Road on the east side of Shumaker Road. (CHPS)

Siloam Cem., Wenger Cem., Brinzer Cem., Branger Cem., Zook Cem., Lehman Family Graveyard Cem. Franklin Co. Pa. This cemetery is located on part of the original Martin Wenger, G18 farm on Conochocheague Creek, about two miles north of the Memorial Square of Chambersburg, Pa. It may be reached as follows (directions from Rod Heberlig): from the center of Chambersburg travel north on Route 11 about 1.5 miles. Turn left onto Siloam Road. Go .3 (three tenths) mile and turn right onto Airport Road. Go about .1 to .2 miles and the cemetery is on the right between the houses located at 2894 and 2924 Airport Road. The house currently at 2924 Airport Road is on the land once owned by the church. Martin Wenger and his wives Ann Gingerich and Catherine Funk are buried here as well as Bishop Daniel Lehman. Abraham R. Wenger, son of Martin Wenger, inherited his father's farm and donated an area adjoining the cemetery to the Brinzer branch of the River Brethren Church for a meeting house. After that time the cemetery became known as the Brinzer Cemetery. When the congregation became small the Wenger Cemetery Association was given the right to dispose of the meeting house by the Franklin County Court. At one time the property was owned by the Joseph Zook, 1787.3.3 1852.7.16 family and it was then called the Zook Cemetery. The money received for the building was added to the endowment fund for the care of the cemetery. The oldest marker is 1793. The original home and barn of Martin Wenger, G18 are visible about 1/4 mile northeast from the cemetery when the leaves are off the trees. 145 graves. Families found in the cemetery are Wenger, Zook, Lehman, Detwiler, Hoffman, Horst, Lesher and Whisler along with others. The name Siloam is due to the small hamlet of Siloam which is nearby. A detailed history of the cemetery is given in "Conococheague Mennonist", published by Mennonite Historical Association of the Cumberland Valley, April 1997. The Association acquired the cemetery in 1996 and it is now cared for by a committee of three trustees, Titus Wadel, G1471732131 a Mennonite, Avery Zook, G13659522 a Brethren in Christ and Oliver Heisey, an Old Order River Brethren. Titus and Avery are both Hans Wenger descendants and Oliver married a Hans Wenger descendant

Slate Hill Mennonite Cemetery SHMC Lower Allen Twp., Cumberland Co., PA

Snider Cemetery located along the boundary of the Letterkenny Army Depot, Franklin Co. Pa. just south of Gate #14 Stone wall. Not on the Army property and thus not in the care of the Army. Twenty four stones stood in 1933, four not readable. The stones were gone in 1993, vandalized and dispersed., two were found in the stream bed and taken to the Historical Museum in Chambersburg, Pa.

Sollenberger Farm Cemetery south of Scotland, Franklin Co. Pa.

South Annville Meeting House Cemetery (Long’s Meeting House Cemetery), Church Rd., South Annville, PA

Spring Hill Cemetery located at 114 North Morris Street in Shippensburg, Cumberland Co. Pa. It is the largest cemetery in the Shippensburg area.

St. Jacob's Evangelical Cemetery AKA Calvary United Cemetery located in Waterloo Co., Ontario, Canada

St. Jacobs Mennonite Cemetery On a road in an area called Three Bridges (a road with 3 bridges, not a town) in the area of Conestoga, Ont.

St. John United Methodist Church Cemetery Grantville, East Hanover Twp. Dauphin Co. Pa. (adjacent to East Hanover Twp. Lebanon Co. Pa.) (Formerly United Brethren)

Stone Bridge Church of the Brethren Cemetery located just south of the Mason-Dixon Line in Washtington Co., MD at the new bridge over the Licking Creek along the continuation of the road which has the Pennsylvania No. 456. (APL) REW give s the following story. If you look east from the Church just across the line in Wash. Co. MD you will see some farm buildings with a large barn. Ephraim Winger, G184A1 was married in that barn in 1867. It happens that the Mason-Dixon line cuts through a corner of the barn and the house was on the Maryland side., nearly all the barn in Pennsylvania. At that time no marriage license was required in Pa., but was in MD. So the young couple avoided a long trip to Hagerstown for a license, and therefore the fee.. (DLW approximately 39º43.3N78º3.5W)

Stone Church Cemetery located in Little Cove, Warren Twp., Franklin Co., Pa. German Reformed and Lutheran. (DLW approximately 39º48N77º59.9W)

Strasburg Cemetery - Strasburg Bourough Lancaster County, Pennsylvania - 39º58.53N76º10.55W - Located on the south side of West Franklin Street Methodist (CHPS)

Strasburg Mennonite Church Cemetery Located along what is now Tennessee Ave. in Letterkenny Army Depot, Letterkenney Twp. Franklin Co. Pa.

Studebaker CemeteryLocated in Montgomery Co., OH along Studebaker Rd., off to the east of St. Rt. 202. On the left side you will see a pond, then look for a dirt road just past a home with a pole barn. Go down the drive past the house and out into the field to the cemetery.

Stoufferstown Cemetery Stouffer Ave. Chambersburg, Pa.

Studebaker Cemetery Located in Mont. Co, OH along Studebaker Rd. off to the east of St. Rt. 202. On the left side you will see a pond, then look for a dirt road just past a home with a pole barn. Go down the drive past the house and out into the field to the cemetery.

Stumptown Mennonite Cemetery - Upper Leacock Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania - 40º3.44N76º10.05W On Stumptown Road west of Newport Road (SR 772) and east of Monterey Road (CHPS)

Tombstone Cemetery (Old Tombstone Cemetery) Located on Plantation Road near Hollins in Roanoke Co. Va. (also called the Denton Cemetery, Benjamin Denton was the first owner of the land). Names found in the cemetery: Abshire, Bell, Bishop, Blane, Boothe, Burroughs, Chittum, Clanton, Collins, Coon, Cox, Danner, Day, Dent, Dillard, Dooley, Engle, Etter, Feller, Frantz, Garber, Gish, Harris, Hartman, Helm, Huff, Huffman, Jeter, Kesler, Kinzie, Lambert, Lavender, Locke, Mullins, Myers, Nelms, Newsome, Nininger, Obenshain, Old, Patterson, Petty, Quisenberry, Richardson, Rieley, Roberts, Robinson, Rucher, Sperry, Stoutamire, Trout, Walrond, Williams

Trinity Cemetery located on route 220 near Fincastle, Botetourt Co., VA

Troutville Cemetery located in Troutville, Botetourt Co., VA

Union Cemetery Lebanon Co. Pa. 40º25.37N76º23.43W and 40º25.38N76º234.5W

Union Cemetery Located on Indy Rd., south of 3000 Ave., Abilene, Kansas (also called Livingston Cemetery)

United Brethren Church Cemetery - Intercourse, Leacock Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania - 40º21.2N76º6.21W - Located on the east side of Queen Street. This also might be the Intercourse Uynited Methodis Church Cemetery Now called the Intercourse United Methodist Cemetey (CHPS)

United Zion Church Cemetery, Jonestown See Wenger Cemetery, Jonestown, Pa.

Vicksburg Old Order Mennonite Church Cemetery, Union Co., PA located on Beaver Run Rd. between Old Turnpike Rd. and Furnace Rd.

Warner Cemetery (two cemeteries) The older is on Sweet Potatoe Ridge Rd. west of State Route 48 at Union. Two miles further west is the active cemetery. Old Randolph Twp., Montgomery Co., OH

Warren Point Winger Cemetery Located near the Clempston Weller home at Warren Point, Warren Twp. Franklin Co. Pa. Called the Winger Plot. Associated with Martin J. (Winger) Wenger, 1769.8.10 1826.8.13, G184 (DLW approximately 39º43.5N78º4.8W

Weaver Mennonite Church Cemetery near 2272 Rawley Pike, Harrisonburg, Rockingham Co., VA on the north side of the road.

Weaverland Mennonite Cemetery - East Earl Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania - 40º7.44N76º2.35W Located north east of Blue Ball on SR 897 / Weaverland Valley Road near it's intersecton with Weaverland Road (CHPS)

Webster Cemetery Allen Twp. Darke Co. Ohio. About midway between Lightsville and Rossburg (northeast quarter of section 32) on the south side of the road. A note reads "erect a house of worship of M. E. Church and a reasonable portion of said lot may be used as a graveyard". The church no longer exists. The cem. is sometimes called the Dutch Cem.. There is a Dutch Church a bit to the west of the cem. 40º16.45N84º40.33W

Wenger Cemetery, Franklin Co. Pa. See Siloan Cemetery

Wenger Cemetery, Jonestown, Lebanon Co. Pa. The Wenger Cemetery is associated with the Wenger Meeting House (United Zion Church). The meeting house was built in 1871 and dedicated by Mathias Brinser who founded the United Zion Church. He was excommunicated from the River Brethren due to his having constructed a place for worship. The cemetery is just north and east of Jonestown on the original homestead of Hans Wenger, G1. The earliest stone is for Christian Wenger, 1756.12.23 1841.7.28, G141, Rev. His grandfather is believed to be buried in the grave yard as well as other earlier members of the family, but no stones exist.There is another larger and newer cemetery adjoining this cemetery which is Lutheran. John Adam Brandt, 1878.2.13 1963, G1366312, Rev. gives the following details (prepared about 1960): Jacob Wenger (Jacob W. Wenger, 1807.5.17 1881.4.10, G1405) gave a deed of trust to his brother Levi Wenger in 1859 for the then 75x80 foot grave yard. In 1871 the meeting house was built on the south side of the grave yard. Then in 1872 Levi Wenger deeded the grave yard back to Jacob Wenger. Later in the year of 1872 Jacob Wenger gave a deed of the land where the church was built, the yard in front of the church including the driveway leading to the then public road and the grave yard to the United Zions Church for five dollars. Christian Wenger, David Wenger and Henry Haldeman were the first trustees of the church (believed to be Christian Wenger, 1805.10.28 1876.12.4, G1404, Rev., David W. Wenger, 1829.6.27 1891.3.12, G14185, Rev.). The deed called for the grave yard to be used for the Wengers, Heiseys, Haldemans, Books, Lights & Longs and their relatives, or any body who wishes to bury there, but all that would bury there would have to share in paying for the upkeep of the fence around the grave yard. In 1889 land was bought from John L. Wenger, Jacob's son, to the west of the church for burial lots. In 1906 another addition to the cemetery was bought and also ground for a shed to shelter the horses and carriages during the times of services. In 1925 the cemetery was separated from the church proper and was chartered and was then a chartered cemetery operated separately from the church. However, until Aug. 24, 1953, the trustees for the church and cemetery were the same people, but elected separately. In 1955, the horse and carriage shed having been removed, additional land was acquired from Mr. Clayton H. Fortna for additional parking space. In 1977 the church property was up for sale and the cemetery association purchased the property. 40º25.06N76º28.28W

Wenger Farm Cemetery - Rapho Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania - 40º10.646N76º25.898W This cememtery is located on the boundary between two of the properties of Stephen Wenger, G11. The stones are scattered along the edge of the field. There are two entrances to this cememtery, one via the farm on Old Line Road, believed to be the original Stephen Wenger property, last in the Wenger family as the farm of Martin Wenger, more recently owned by Larry Martin and currently by Curvin Hoover. The other entrance is via 1531 Shumaker Road, the entrance to the Victor Wenger farm. Information about the stones in this cemetery came from William Wenger Saylor, 1923.1.23, G11322515 and his wife Mabel Ristenbatt Saylor. (CHPS)

Wenger Cemetery, Butler Twp. Montgomery Co. Ohio Located just east of Little York (section 30) on the original farm of John Weaver Wenger, 1778.4.11 1851.5.12, G1411, Rev. The farm is located just northwest of the intersection of Frederick Pike and Meeker Road. The cemetery is accesible from the Pike or Meeker Road and is located on a small hill top. The original farm extended north and west from the farm house and was about 200 acres in size. The farm was owned by John Weaver Wenger, G14115 in 1869, by Rev. Ephraim Eby, 1835 1913 husband of Elizabeth Wenger, G141157 in 1895, by E. B. Lodge in 1940 , by the Chitwood family in 1988 and by the Lambert family in 1995 (8025 Meeker Road)

Wingard Farm Family Cemetery Antrim Twp., Franklin Co., PA located on farm off of Williamsport Pike about 1/2 mile north of Mason Dixon, MD. Stones are encased in one concrete slab. Names found are Wingard, Wengerd and Wingert with dates from 1849. This is the family of Joseph Wingerd, 1774.5.8 1848.9.22, E16. 45 feet by 22 feet. About 966 feet southwest of the barn on the property. DLW Approximate location is 39º44.14N77º45.22W

Wingard Cemetery, Delphi, Indiana Located north east of Delphi. The cemetery is reached from Delphi as follows: From Court House Square travel east on Main St. three blocks to its intersection with Wilson St. Turn left (north) at this intersection and follow Wilson St. out of town past the local cemetery to the first road turning off to the right, a distance of 1.4 miles. Turn right on this road and follow it for 2.2 miles. This is a gravel road, except for the first half mile, and has many turns. The cemetery is adjacent to the east side of the road in a wooded section. Nearly all of the approximately 50 people buried here can be identified as descendants of John Wingard, their spouses or relatives. A list of inscriptions was made by Mrs. Homer Irwin.

Witmer Cemetery, now called the Reiff’s Cemetery.

Wood Colony Cemetery Located on Dakota Ave. Modesto, Californa. Brethren

Worman Cemetery A family cemetery on road north of Old National Highway Route 40 on State Route 49, turning west on Wellbaum Rd. south of Phillipsburg, OH. All but destroyed by actions of the township officials. First settler of Clay Twp. Joseph and Mary Rohrer are buried here. (GESH)

Yellow Creek Brick Cemetery, Harrison Twp., Elkhart Co., IN, corner of Elkhart County Roads 38 & 11

Zerby Cemetery located in Allen Twp., Darke Co., OH north of the Rossburg-Lightsville Rd. just east of Hwy 77.

Zimmerman Family Burial Grounds (BG) (also Carrollsburg Cem.) Liberty Twp., Adams Co., PA south of Gettysburg and near Maryland State Line turn west off US RT 15 onto or Cochran-Annan Boyle Rd. Go about one mile to Stultz Rd and turn right, then go .1 mile where there is a dirt lane into a wooded area on the left side of Stultz Road. Turn onto this lane and go .4 mile to a point where a macadam driveway begins into a private estate. From this point you will walk around the edge of a field to the cemetery located in the northeast corner of the field. This is private property and there may be a chain across the entrance into this lane. In this case go to the first farm house on the same side of the road and inquire about entry to the cemetery.

Zimmerman Cemetery (now called Lichty Cemetery) Lancaster Co., PA

Zion Cemetery Located west of Bringhurst, Ind., near Flora

unknown cemetery Located just off the Fort McCord Road west of Chambersburg, Pa. Turn right at the foot of the hill onto the Fort McCord Road off of Edenville Road.


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