The Wenger Cube, a truncated hexahedron. The cube was first designed in 1970 in Santa Cruz, California. The idea had come while making structures for an artist. The task was to make a solid cube and to cut off a portion of one corner. After making the object I decided to see what the result would be of removing the corner completely. The result was an object with a triangular face that when placed on that face produced a shape with three sloping roof sections. The idea of making a large version came quickly.

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  Stick model.  Sauna cube - Soquel, California  Music studio cube - Santa Cruz, California
 Topanga Beach, California, early 1970s.  Hammock on Topanga Beach.  Lauden Nelson, Santa Cruz, California, late 1970s.
 The Cube in Moscow  A Lunch Stand at the Park  Again