The Wenger Sundial is an exquisite product of modern technology. The borosilicate glass globe is of superb quality. The scribing on the globe is done using a laser under computer control. The precision is extreme, thus allowing for great detail in the display of the continents and time lines. Custom enscribing may be requested.

The base is made of hardwood and the central pointer is of Tagua nut. Tagua nut is known as vegetable ivory.

The brass ring gives the dial a feeling of a true astronomical instrument, which it is.

Sundials are numbered and signed.

Globes range in size from approximately 8" to 14" in diameter.

Each dial is made to custom order for a specific location. The dial shows local clock time and may be used within approximately a sixty mile radius of the location for which it is made with only about a four minute errror in time read.