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Headstone SW Corner, Joshua Trees National Monument, California

At the age of 64 I took up rock climbing. This was a surprise and a great blessing. My son Alex, who lives in Wales, took me to a climbing gym there and I was moved by the grace and beauty of the climbers on the walls.

I returned home to Santa Cruz and joined the local climbing gym, Pacific Edge, and began to develop the strength and skills to achieve what I had seen in Wales. With the guidance of new-found friends at the gym my skills grew and eventually I began to climb outdoors.

Now, some fifteen years later, I climb at the gym three times a week and have completed over 200 outdoor climbs. The climbing community has given me many friends with whom I share the joys of this activity.

Here are some photos of climbing trips.

Corrogation Corner

Gunks 2004

Gunks 2005

Lover's Leap

Pywiack Dome

Wales and France

Coyote Ugly


Lee Vining