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The Lotus Chair was designed in 1969 while Daniel was living in Topanga Canyon, California. In 1970, he moved his design activities to Soquel, California, where he built a workshop in an old lumber yard. It was in this shop that a series of designs in leather and steel were created.

The Lotus Chair's sling gives a hammock-like support that allows one's heartbeat to generate a gentle rocking motion. The solid steel frame provides a springy motion similar to a rocker.

From 1969 to 1979, Daniel made over 300 pieces of furniture. He then moved on to other projects until 2009 when Scott and Joanna Nadeau of
Ten10 Designs in Los Angeles approached him with an interest in his furniture. With their inspiration he reestablished his workshop in Santa Cruz and since that time, with the help of his son Samuel, has remade several of the original designs and created new ones as well.

Chairs on display at:
Eminent Design, Sonoma, CA
The Future Perfect, San Francisco, CA
Lawson-Fenning, Los Angeles, CA
Original in Berlin, Berlin, Germany
BunderBraem, Berlin, Germany
Bloomberry, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Molecule Design, Santa Fe, NM
Agency, Santa Cruz, CA

Recent commissions:

Pivot, San Jose, CA
Schoos Designs, West Hollywood, CA
Totokaelo, Seattle, WA
Spence & Lyda, Sidney, Australia
Ten10, Los Angeles, CA
Brooke Voss Design, Minneapolis, MN

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