Over the years Daniel has applied his skills in many other areas:

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In the early 70’s designs were developed based on the simple cube structure. See more.
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A device was needed to know where to look for a new comet that was discovered in 1973. The Uniglobe, a useful teaching device emerged. See more.
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From the design of the Unigobe above there followed the design of the Wenger Sundial, a unique and informative sundial. See more.
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A long-time interest in mathematics has led to some fascinating and novel results. See more.
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An interest in family history and the challenges of handling large amounts of information led to the development of new genealogy software and a large database of Wengers. See more.
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Rock climbing came late in his life, at age 64. See more.
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Through Daniel’s interest in climbing and genealogy, he became interested in Shep Husted, a family member famous for his association with Longs Peak and the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. See Daniel’s website devoted to Shep’s life and accomplishments.
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